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In December of 1984 I was playing drums in the group Michael Pallini and Stage. It was a ton of fun, but I wanted to merge my hobby of collecting girl group records of the '60s with live performance. I left Stage, recruited three fantastic female vocalists, and then convinced friends from my old hard rock musician days to accompany me. By mid-spring of 1985 all the pieces were in place. The idea was to create a unique sound, have some fun, and bring together a skilled group of musicians and singers. In retrospect, all of those goals were accomplished. I would like to thank every one who contributed to the success of It's My Party throughout the years. The list of names is endless. In addition to the performers, the list includes crew, managers, studio operators, photographers, graphic design artists, webmasters, talent agents, and media. I would also like to recognize the devotion and patience of family, friends, and fans to this group. One name I will mention is Ron Stein; without his guidance and inspiration, IT'S MY PARTY! would not have existed. Welcome to the dream. Enjoy!

John Giotto